Our Team

A team of all ages and styles coming together to do something fun for all to enjoy.


AKA Snarfy

Snarfy has always wanted to create a Minecraft server people can play on that has a safe, fun atmosphere. Any success SnarfyCraft ever sees will be because of it’s community, not because of any one player. Come into the server and say hi sometime.

  • Building/Creative 25%
  • Administration/Social 25%
  • Server/Plugin Management 50%


AKA Sarah

Sarah is a co-owner and tears up the social-scape. She is also an incredible builder/decorator and is a major contributor to the server in many ways. SnarfyCraft wouldn’t be the same without her, but she wouldn’t be the same without SnarfyCraft either ;)

  • Building/Creative 40%
  • Administration/Social 40%
  • Server/Plugin Management 20%


AKA Marc

Lead Graphic Designers Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent mattis nec nisi non luctus. Donec aliquam non nisi ut rutrum. In sit amet vestibulum felis, id aliquet ipsum. Vestibulum feugiat lacinia aliquet.

  • Photoshop 85%
  • After Effects 70%
  • Illustrator 50%


AKA Float

Hey, my name is Alex, but I go by Float on SnarfyCraft. My IGN is Floating_Ginger and I am the Head-Admin. I really enjoy leading server builds and helping take role in advancing the server to its highest potential. I am a huge sports fan and I will gladly respond to any questions players may have. While I try to be fun with all the players, I am serious when I must be. Lastly, I hope to see you on SnarfyCraft sometime in the near future!

  • Building/Creative 50%
  • Administration/Social 35%
  • Server/Plugin Management 15%

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